Sunday, 6 July 2014

Our University

I'm a student of University of the East.
 My name is Teddy Juan Chin Chan and my group mate is Joshua Artista. 
To us UE is a very profound place to study. 
you can find what you want here. some people find love, some people create business, some just want to graduate but for people like us we go to this university to study and learn not just to graduate or anything. 
I've learned many lesson here that my school didn't teach.
 right now we are diligently studying our courses to pass and achieve our dream. 
going to this university we realize that being a 
college student is truly different from being a high school student. 
The Teacher are called Professors and they are not going to the room to lecture, 
we are going to their to room.
Some Professor don't check attendances but they give a very hard quizzes or group reports.

In conclusion of this I can say that UE is truly our own university. 
This is our home, our place were we learn to achieve our Goal. Our place were we find love, Socialize and Learn to Respect and Cooperate with each other.